Christmas Services


Sunday 13th  December – 4pm on video via web site followed by Zoom meet

Everything you need to make a Christingle in a bag and and the video to watch on our web site as you make it. Sign up so you can collect a Christingle bag from the church porch in advance.


Sunday 20th December – 5pm

Celebrate the birth of Jesus with carols and readings. Please use the QR code to book your place or phone the office.  There will also be a carol service online.

Christmas Eve Crib Hunt

Thursday 24th December 2.30pm – 4.30pm

Find the silhouettes of the nativity characters and the stories behind them around the Green and the Church. Come to the Green first and end up back at the Church for a Christmas Eve treat and warm up.

Midnight Communion

24th December 11.30pm

A quiet, reflective, candlelit service commencing in the final hours of Christmas Eve and ending with  the first communion of Christmas Day.  

Christmas Day

25th December 9.30am

Celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Please book your place.  A service will also be available online for you to join into the celebration at home.